Information for Participants

Symposium Etiquette

As participants, you are encouraged to:

  • Wear professional/business attire.
  • Come prepared, which means poster presenters should arrive with their posters and foam boards at least 30 minutes early for registration and set up, and oral presenters should have their presentation files (if applicable) on a USB flash drive.
  • Arrive early to oral presentation sessions, especially if presenting.
  • Students who are giving an oral presentaiton or performance, should remain in the presentation room for the entirety of the presentation session.
  • Wait until students are finished delivering presentations (or are in between presentations) before entering or exiting a session room.
  • Visit the event space prior to the Symposium, in order to get a feel for the building.
  • Students presenting posters are required to stay with their poster for the entirety of the scheduled poster session and must be available to the judges to discuss research and answer questions in order to be eligible for prizes.
  • If you are registered for the symposium, but are no longer able to attend, please notify Dr. Seth Oppenheimer in the Office of Undergraduate Research at
  • Email Katelyn Wright at with any questions about preparing for the Symposium.

Information For Poster Presenters

Preparing your poster

Your poster:

  • Should be a maximum of 36 inches x 48 inches.
  • Should be attached on a foam board and ready to display on the provided easels.

PLEASE NOTE: The Shackouls Honors College does not provide foam boards or clips/tacks for mounting posters. You should check with your department for reusable boards or purchase a foam board at Chalet or other framing shop. You do not need to pay for mounting, you may clip or tack your poster to the foam board.

Tips for designing your poster

The Digital Media Center at the Mitchell Memorial Library can provide help for the design and printing of your poster. They hold workshops each semester on how to design presentation posters and will print your posters on their large format printer.

Design Help Online

Design Help Workshops

Printing your poster

The best on-campus option (and usually the most cost-effective) for large-format poster printing is the Mitchell Memorial Library.

  • Submit design to be printed no less than 3 days (Monday-Friday) before you need it.
  • Library printing starts at $7.50 per linear foot.

Additional locations near campus include:

  • Prographics
  • Chalet
  • Copy Cow

On Symposium day

Arrive to the symposium with poster, foam display board, and your own clips and/or tacks. Check-in at the registration table located outside the Union Ballroom (2nd floor) at least 30 minutes before the scheduled poster session. At registration, you will receive your name tag, project number, and the location of your display easel. Have your poster completely set up by the start of the poster session.

You will present your poster during the scheduled session time. Presenters are asked to remain at their posters for the entire session. You should be prepared with a two to three minute summary for visitors and judges using your poster as a visual guide. Additional questions may be asked.

Once the poster session comes to a close, you are responsible for removing your poster and foam board from the easel before the Awards Ceremony.

The Honors College is not responsible for any forgotten, lost, or stolen materials and personal belongings.

Information For Oral Presentation Presenters

Oral presentation format

All oral presentations will take place in the Fowlkes Auditorium in the Colvard Student Union. Your presentation:

  • Should be ten minutes in length. There will be an additional three minutes for Q&A.
  • Should be geared toward a non-field expert.
  • May be accompanied by a visual slide show and/or handout for the audience.
  • May include a live demonstration or performance.

Technology for your oral presentation

In the Fowlkes Auditorium, the following technology will be available:

  • A computer with access to the internet and Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • A projector and screen

You must email a copy of your presentation (PowerPoint) to Katelyn Wright at three days before your scheduled presentaiton. It is also recommended to use two methods to save your presentation (USB flash drive, email, etc.) and bring it with you on the day of your presentation. If you plan to use PowerPoint, it is advised to test your slide show before the presentation day. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Katelyn Wright at

You may not use your own laptop.

On Symposium day

Arrive for registration at Griffis Hall to check-in at least 30 minutes before the start of the event. If giving an oral presentaiton or performance, you should arrive to the presentation room by 12:55pm. If you are presenting, you are expected to stay for the entire session.

Arrive to the symposium to check in at least 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled oral presentaiton or performance. You should report to the Fowkes Auditorium by 12:50 pm. If presenting, you are expected to stay for the entire session.

The Honors College is not responsible for any forgotten, lost, or stolen materials and personal belongings.