Travel Awards & Virtual Conference Support

The Honors Undergraduate Research Program (HURP) is pleased to announce the availbility of funds to support eligible students in attending research confrences. Applications for both in-person and virtual conferences are welcome!

Apply for a HURP Travel Award!

Apply for Virtual Conference Support!


The Honors Undergraduate Research Program (HURP) provides grants for Honors students to travel to regional, national, and international conferences and meetings to present their research. Awards for in-person conferences are limited to $750 and virtual conferences are limited to $150. Travel awards are available throughout the year. Students are encouraged to help leverage the Shackouls Honors College's resources by also seeking funding through their academic department, college and/or other sources. Application for funds must be made prior to conference attendance and payment. Travel arrangements must be made through the student or faculty mentor's home department and the arranging department will be reimbursed the awarded funding after travel has been completed through the University.


Applicants must be working on a research project with a faculty member at MSU and be in good standing with the Shackouls Honors College.

Travel awards are granted on a rolling basis and will be awarded based on the quality of the application and the importance of participation in the conference or event to the applicant's long-term goals. In most cases, the student should be giving a talk or a poster presentation. It is expected that the travel request will be submitted online at least four weeks prior to the planned trip. Travel will need to be arranged through the mentor’s department with all travel regulations and forms handled as with any other case of travel.  Shackouls Honors College will provide the agreed funding directly to the department.

Application Materials

  1. Complete online application, indicating your anticipated travel expenses and details about your research project.
  2. Submit a letter of recommendation from your faculty mentor.

It is your responsibility to check with your research mentor as to whether or not your research project is restricted (i.e. classified, export controlled (EAR/ITAR), proprietary or other restriction). If your mentor identifies your research as restricted, the release of any information to the public must be coordinated with the Office of Research Security to obtain required authorizations before release. Severe penalties, both civil and criminal, may result if restricted information is made public without the proper authorizations.

Expectations Of Travel Award Recipients

  • Work with your home department or faculty mentor's department in a timely manner to coordinate all travel and purchases for conference attendance.
  • Submit a brief summary of your conference experience to the Director of Undergraduate Research, Dr. Anastasia Elder, within two weeks of your return.
  • Present your work at the MSU Undergraduate Research Symposium, held each spring and summer.