All Honors freshmen are required to live together in Griffis and Nunnelee halls (Honors Residential College)*

Griffis and Nunnelee halls provide the benefits of a dynamic social life and attention to academic excellence. Griffis is home to the Honors College offices. Both halls are located in the Zacharias Village - convenient to Sanderson Recreation Center, Mitchell Memorial Library, Colvard Student Union, dining and academic buildings. Rooms in both halls are modular (each has private baths). Special programming at both halls helps you to get to know your fellow students easily. Griffis and Nunnelee are both home to state-of-the-art classrooms.

* Honors freshmen will be assigned to a room in either Griffis or Nunnelee hall with another Honors student. Roommate requests are encouraged; however, such requests may only be made for other Honors College students. Non-program roommates are not permitted.**

** The Shackouls Honors College also permits students to be exempted from the freshmen residency policy if they have a compelling reason. The exemption form must be filled out and emailed to shackoulshc@honors.msstate.edu with the subject “Honors Housing Exemption Request”.