12 Oct

Truman Scholarship Information Session

The Truman Scholarship is the nation’s premiere scholarship for students interested in public service. The Truman Foundation awards $30,000 to students for graduate or professional school in public-service-related degrees.
13 Oct

Goldwater Scholarship Information Session

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship is offered to students in their junior and senior years to fund their undergraduate education in the field of science, mathematics, or engineering. This scholarship emphasizes the importance of research at the undergraduate level.
20 Oct

Boren Scholarship Information Session

The Boren Awards fund undergraduate study abroad and graduate research focusing on geographic areas, languages, and fields of study that are critical to the United States’ national security interests. Boren Scholars and Fellows represent a variety of academic and professional disciplines.
25 Oct

Astronaut Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Please join us to celebrate Mississippi State's most recent Astronaut Scholarship Awards recipients, Britain Steele and Emma Wade, and hear from keynote speaker former astronaut Jerry Ross!
3 Nov

UDALL Scholarship Information Session

The Morris K. Udall Scholarship is a $5,000 a year undergraduate scholarship for sophomores and juniors who are interested in pursuing a career in environmental public policy OR who are Native Americans or Alaska Natives who are interested in health care or tribal policy.
10 Nov

Astronaut Scholarship Information Session

One of the nation's premier scholarships for students majoring in STEM, the Astronaut Scholarship is open to Sophomores and Juniors who are in the process of conducting research and who have achieved academic excellence.

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