NSPARC Fellowships

The Shackouls Honors College is pleased to announce the availibility of funds to support student internships!

Apply for a NSPARC Fellowship!


The Shackouls Honors College aims to broaden the students’ world view and supports experience beyond the educational. Students should be exposed to different locations and pursue opportunities that will provide invaluable life experiences and a more cosmopolitan perspective.

Unlike students in more applied areas, students in the liberal arts and sciences often have difficulty finding internships that allow them to support themselves while gaining real world experience. Through the generosity of a grant from the National Strategic Planning & Analysis Research Center (NSPARC), we are now able to offer internship support for Honors students in the liberal arts and sciences, which allows students to confidently compete for prestigious internships that may be unpaid or low paying. Internship support is limited, but we will do our best to support as many worthy students as possible.

Rough limits on MAXIMUM grant amounts are $2500 for domestic internships and $4000 for international internships. Internships that have some salary or other support attached cannot expect to be funded at the same level. Support from the Shackouls Honors College will be primarily limited to travel and housing support.

PLEASE NOTE: These are maximums and designed for standard situations. Many grants awarded will be less and very few in extraordinary situations may be slightly higher. It is our expectation that students will be entrepreneurial in seeking funding and to help the Shackouls Honors College leverage our limited funding and serve as many students as possible.

Application Materials

  • A formal letter including an explanation and justification for your funding request.
  • A detailed budget for the internship experience including any compensation you expect to receive for your work and all other funding requested and/or received from your home department, college, or other institutional funding source.
  • Official documentation confirming the compensation you expect to receive for your work, regardless of if the internship is classified as paid or unpaid.

Expectations Of Fellowship Recipients

If you receive internship support, you will be expected to:

  • Work under pressure to quickly produce high quality work in high stakes situations.
  • Write a summative report within two months upon your return to MSU and submit your report to the Director of Undergraduate Research, Dr. Anastasia Elder. Reports must be submitted as a Microsoft Word or PDF document and will be linked here so that future students can benefit from the experiences of their predecessors.

Explore internship opportunities through the Mississippi State University Career Center!

If you would like to discuss what is necessary to obtain academic credit for your internship experience, contact the Director of Undergraduate Research, Dr. Anastasia Elder or the Dean of the Shackouls Honors College. The ability to do extra work to obtain credit could allow students to engage in internships during a semester of the academic year.

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