Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about the Undergraduate Research Symposium. If you have any questions that are not answered here, email

Undergraduate Research Symposium Questions

Absolutely not. Any student involved in faculty-guided research this academic year may participate.

All undergraduates in every program of study, not just honors students, who are involved in faculty-guided research this academic year are invited and encouraged to participate in the symposium either through a poster presentation or oral presentation/performance.

Of course. Group projects are an integral part of research and are encouraged. However, as is usually the case at professional conferences, there will be a designated principal presenter. Co-authors and collaborators will be listed in the abstract booklet if included in the form. Prizes are awarded to the principal presenter only. Groups are allowed to submit individual abstracts and present different posters or give separate oral presentations for the same research. A large part of the project evaluation is being able to answer questions showing a deep understanding of the work that has been done.

Students are encouraged to present their faculty-guided research in any subject matter that inspires them and that they are academically engaged in.

Students are encouraged to present creative works and performances. Creative works are considered art, sculptures, music, poems, theater pieces, etc. The student should be prepared to engage in critical discussion of the project.

Yes. You can fill out an entry form if you are a MSU undergraduate, regardless of where you actually performed your research.

Yes. You do not have to present completed research. Many students present research that is ongoing.

Yes! The Symposium is free and open to the public.

Yes! Volunteers are critical to the success of the Symposium. If you would like to volunteer email You can also add your name to volunteer through the Maroon Volunteer Center.