In Pursuit of Honors

1,000 Miles Away

CSU Behavioral Science Building. Most of the buildings on campus are a combination of glass and stone and are absolutely gorgeou

For the next two months, I am spending the summer in the beautiful city of Fort Collins, Colorado. As of now, I’ve been here for roughly four days and I’ve picked up on quite a few little cultural differences.

NEW Ideas, NEW Friends, NEW Leadership

Trip to the state capitol in Jackson, MS to meet with female representatives, lobbyists, head of state agencies, and other leade

For the past week, these are the questions we are asked to confront every day at the Mississippi University for Women’s N.E.W. Leadership program, a free five-day residential program for Mississippi college women.

Travels to Tegucigalpa

I was working with Alexander, this friendly thirteen year-old boy who I do believe was the nephew of our assigned family. He was

So far this summer I have had the amazing opportunity to travel with Global Brigades to Honduras, where I shadowed doctors, spoke with children about issues ranging from oral hygiene to cancer, and helped build a bathroom and washing station for a hardworking and kind local family.

I <3 NY.

Max Moseley

Money, Mountains, and More!

Atop City Creek Trail, overlooking Salt Lake City

I am in Salt Lake City, Utah this summer interning for Morgan Stanley. I am doing analytical work under a financial advisor and loving every second of it. My majors are Finance and Mathematics, so my job's duties are right up my alley.

Corn and The City

Shelby in front of Mount Rushmore

I've spent the first few weeks of summer driving around the United States! I've visited friends in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and in Omaha, Nebraska. I was originally planning on driving to Canada and going skiing in Banff, but that turned out to be a much longer drive than I initially thought, and I ran out of gas at Mount Rushmore.

Architecture and Acceptance in São Paulo

Architecture and Acceptance in São Paulo

This summer I am traveling abroad doing research on women architects and their influence on Modern Architecture. My trip was financed by an award I won through the architecture school, the Paul Grootkerk Travel Award, and funds from my Presidential Scholarship. On Monday, I got back from my first location, São Paulo, Brazil, where I was studying three buildings designed by the Italian Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi! I went to Brazil with my girlfriend Bailey, who is doing her honors thesis on the LGBTQ+ experience around the world.

Global Brigades-Honduras, Research, and Shadowing

Charles Provine

This summer has been and will continue to be a great summer for me. I just came back from a nine-day trip to Honduras with Global Medical Brigades.

Au Revoir America!

Rocamadour "the city on the cliffside"

This being my first "college summer," I am blown away by the increase in both scope and opportunity which has been set before me. I'm currently getting ready to head outside of the US and across the Atlantic for the first time in my life.