Symposium Cancelled, Thesis Defense Will Move Forward

Symposium Cancelled

Given the unusual circumstances and recommended health precautions surrounding COVID-19, the Shackouls Honors College is sorry to announce that we will be cancelling the Spring 2020 Undergraduate Research Symposium originally scheduled for April 15.

As a way to recognize the hard work of everyone involved, the booklet of submitted abstracts will be published online by April 15 at

Students are encouraged to submit their projects for the summer symposim planned to be held July 31, 2020 (more information will be made available in May). Due to the current situation, students may submit spring projects for the summer symposium in order to present their research and have it judged for competition.

Thesis Defenses Will Move Forward

Thesis Updates—Moving toward Virtual Meeting

The Shackouls Honors College considers completion of an honors thesis an important milestone for our students and are moving forward with scheduling defense times and dates this Spring.  The defenses can be held remotely via Zoom, WebEx*, or other service approved by your thesis committee and allows your screen (or document or powerpoint) to be shared. You will want to make sure you can share your presentation as you host this virtual defense of your research.

It is highly recommended that you test setting up your virtual meeting with your mentor (or another person) prior to your defense date, so logistics can get hammered out and it will go as smoothly as possible during your actual defense. We request you set up the distance meeting and send invitations 7 days prior to defense date and invite each committee member plus Dr. Anastasia Elder  ( to the meeting.

*WebEx is format available to all students and faculty thru the university and is supported by ITS. 

To set up a WebEx meeting, please see

Additional resources about WebEx are available here:

Please direct issues with WebEx to ITS:  662.325-0631 or 888-398-6394


Scheduling your Defense

You must schedule your Spring 2020 Honors thesis date by March 26, 2020.  New dates have been added.  Scheduling is done by Alice Chandler at 662.325.5918 or


Upon Completion

We request that Honor committee members email Alice Chandler once defense meeting has been successfully completed.

Before the end of classes in the last week of the semester, the student must email a pdf file of the thesis including the signed signature page to Dr. Elder.


Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. We are all checking our voicemail regularly so leave a clear message with a call back number.