Flannery Voges-Haupt





I am from

Starkville, MS

My hobbies are

I am an athletic academic tutor for the MSU football, tennis, track, and soccer teams and I am a student instructor for the chemistry department. Outside of clubs, I play intramural indoor and outdoor soccer, run half marathons, and have coached U-10 soccer teams for the Starkville Soccer Association.

My most memorable experience as a Scholar

The Presidential Scholarship has provided me with unique opportunities to travel all across the United States and the globe. At the United Nations in NYC, we were able to engage in a discussion with a private panel of UN delegates from countries all over the world, and we were able to converse about the betterment of the earth with leaders who have first hand experience.

I would like to

My current focus is to attend graduate school and obtain a PhD (possibly MD and PhD) in order to conduct medical research to optimize drug efficiency, focusing on organic and biological interactions.

Current research

I am currently carrying out research in bioinorganic and analytical chemistry. I've developed bioinspired catalysts and catalytic conditions for transition metal catalyzed processes, including nitrogen and oxygen transfer reactions and kinetic resolutions. I am spearheading an ongoing study of the thermodynamic role of differing metal ions in proteins and metalloenzymes, such as human carbonic anhydrase II, and I have been accepted to begin work in nanotechnology investigating ligand synthesis for coordination complexes, and will spend the remainder of 2017 in Girona, Spain, working on organic synthesis and designing environmentally-friendly oxidation catalysts.

Flannery Voges-Haupt