Advisor’s Responsibilities

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a mentor and honors thesis advisor for an honors student. Without you, this experience would not be possible for your mentee. The advisor, much like a master's advisor, is the ultimate agent of quality control for the technical aspects of the thesis. Your responsibilities are straight forward and are as follows:

  • Guide and provide continuing feedback for the student
  • Serve as instructor of record for thesis course(s)
  • Help the student select another subject matter specialist for the committee and an honors college representative for the committee.
  • Ensure research ethics and university rules are adhered to. This includes insuring that IRB and IACUC approvals (if you have questions on that see If first person interviews or writing are used in the student's thesis, written permission for use must be obtained.

The Advisor will run the thesis defense during thesis week, which will be determined for each spring term. In justified cases, defenses may be scheduled at other times.

  • A 90 minute space will be allocated for the defense in Nunnelee Hall, though the total time rarely exceeds 75 minutes.
  • There will be a public presentation of the thesis followed by questions from the public.
  • All non-committee members will then leave for questioning of the student by the committee.
  • The Student will be sent from the room while the committee deliberates and will then be informed of the committee’s decision.

Honors Thesis Guidelines & FAQs