Max Farmer Finds Success as a Writer and Veterinarian

Maxwell Farmer’s latest book, "Virgil’s Pact" was as quickly the #1 for that LitRPG genre in ebooks when it was released. Currently it is holding strong rank as the #12 in the LitRPG for Dark Teen Fantasy. Available on Amazon, it is offered as an ebook, an audiobook, and a printed text.

Dr. Max Farmer was a student in the Shackouls Honors College from 2011-2014 when he matriculated to MSU’s Veterinary Medical School, graduating with his DVM in May of 2018. When he’s not practicing veterinary medicine, he enjoys writing where he specializes in LitRPG.

This latest book is his third publication and the first in a trilogy published by Mountaindale Press, 2022. The next two books in the trilogy will enjoy publication dates later this year.

A new world. A malevolent disease. The Doctor is in.

Virgil's a veterinarian, a man dedicated to being a healer of animals. Despite the ups and downs of caring for sick and injured creatures, his career was more than a job. It was his calling. Then, his dedication was noticed, and the world around him faded, as he was yanked through the void.

The great world tree, Yggdrasil, needed a group that could work together to stop a threat that could end reality. The world tree summoned a team of five champions, into a world straight out of fantasy, and remade them into something more. Unfortunately, for Virgil, he was granted almost no skills that cause damage, and his body was shifted into a reviled Dark Elf. Now, hated by the locals and of little use to the others that can already heal themselves - as well as deal damage - Virgil was cast aside.

Abandoned and alone, Virgil will take on the threat to this world....No matter what ally gets in his way.

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