Travels to Tegucigalpa

So far this summer, I have been graced with the opportunity to travel to the heart of Honduras, not as a tourist seeking personal pleasure in the cascading mountains or flavorful coffee, but as part of a medical relief team called Medical Brigades.  Accompanied by two of my lovely fellow Presidential Scholars, I shadowed a dentist extracting teeth and a gynecologist performing D & Cs, educated local children about oral hygiene and cancer symptoms, and stacked bricks alongside masons to construct a bathroom/washing station for the hardworking and kind Suarez family.  A year ago I would not have imagined a summer excursion as humbling, thought-provoking, and immersive as this. Not a moment was wasted.  At the moment, I am enjoying the freedom of summer before I begin my new job at an army research center in good ole Mississippi.

Katelyn working with Alexander and others in Honduras

Katelyn working in the pharmacy writing some notes down.

Landscape view of the mountains