Paw Prints and Passports: A Bulldog Abroad

at the Mississippi State Capitol during the NEW Leadership conference. Pictured from left to right are me (Alicia Brown), Carley Bowers, Lindsey Tew Simmons (a lobbyist from Jackson, Mississippi), Joy Carino, and Marisa Laudadio. All four of us are Mississippi State Honors students.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to study abroad in France this summer through the Bagley College of Engineering. Along with 24 other Mississippi State engineering students, I will be taking Engineering Economy at Albi School of Mines and traveling all over Western Europe. With the group, I will be visiting Paris, Carcassonne, Barcelona, and London, and during my free week I will be visiting Venice and Rome with a few of the other students. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to experience some of the most iconic cities in Europe along with other students from Mississippi State. I have never been out of the country before so I feel a little more comfortable knowing that I will be on this trip with familiar people. In addition to my upcoming study abroad experience, I had the opportunity this summer to attend a leadership conference at the Mississippi University for Women. Throughout the week, I further developed my public speaking skills, deepened my understanding of government and politics, practiced various campaign strategies, and made connections with several state and local leaders that I believe will prove invaluable as I pursue internships down the road. I am looking forward to the opportunity to capitalize on these relationships as I seek an internship in D.C. next summer.

sitting on the wall of a garden behind the Cathedral of Saint Cecilia. In the background, you can see the city of Albi and the Tarn River.