Money, Mountains, and More!

Atop City Creek Trail, overlooking Salt Lake City

I am in Salt Lake City, Utah this summer interning for Morgan Stanley. I am doing analytical work under a financial advisor and loving every second of it. My majors are Finance and Mathematics, so my job's duties are right up my alley. I am learning so much about the financial world and gaining so many opportunities by working here that I would not have access to otherwise. The most satisfying aspect of working in the financial industry is being able to take what I have learned in my classes about the market and see them work in the real world. Instead of learning the definitions of variables, I can actually see them in practice and make my own predictions on different financial products and then relay my findings to  professionals in the field. I even have those same professionals come to my office or call me up, hoping to get my insight or approval on their product.  It's a surreal experience. 

Apart from professional experience, doing an internship this far from home is helping me grow as an individual. Having lived in Memphis, Tennessee all of my life, it is absolutely world changing to be living 1,500 miles away from my nearest friends and family. Having to start with a clean slate in a brand new city with little to no crutch has forced me to learn how to be even more independent than in college.  I have sought out opportunities to meet people and make meaningful connections with new friends by joining a church, trying out a tennis clinic, and chatting with people on nearby hikes. I cannot stress how great of an opportunity this has been and hope that others can have this same experience: getting a taste for your professional field, abandoning the familiar for the new and unknown, and traveling far from home to see the wonderful landscapes and cultures that the world has to offer. 

Tie on my neck, sandwich in my hand; I'm a working man!