I <3 NY.

Max Moseley outside the 2017 Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall

This summer I am interning at the National Urban Security Technology Laboratory, a Department of Homeland Security research lab in New York City, New York. Living in NYC feels like the opposite end of the spectrum from living in Idaho, where I interned for the Department of Homeland Security last summer, but I am embracing the experience (and definitely missing the mountains and potato fields of Idaho!).

This summer I am also continuing my work as a research assistant on projects for MSU’s Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering and Department of Communication. For my engineering research, I am running experiments on an optimization algorithm that my professor and I developed this past spring, and for my communication research, I am revising a paper I co-authored with another professor for submission to a journal, as well as helping my professor collect data in Mississippi’s Delta region.

When I’m not at work or working on research, I am exploring NYC and getting a feel for city life, which is preparing me for living in Washington, D.C., where I just accepted a job as an engineering consultant at Herren Associates, Inc., starting in January!