Global Medical Brigades in Honduras

Mary taking a women's blood pressure in Honduras

This summer I was excited to return to rural Honduras and complete my second medical relief trip with Global Brigades.  Global Brigades is an international organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development of neglected communities in Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, and Ghana.  Honduras is a country of contrasts.  Breathtaking scenery stands alongside heartbreaking poverty and a severe lack of medical infrastructure.  Due to the political climate in Honduras, citizens have little to no access to medical care and are unable to afford routine medications and treatments.  For this reason, Global Brigades holds clinics in rural areas of Honduras to provide free medical attention and medication to a population largely neglected by in-country medical systems. 

This year, I, along with 25 other MSU students (including two other Presidential Scholars!), provided medical relief to nearly 1,000 patients. We also completed construction of six sanitation centers to provide clean hygiene facilities and safe wastewater removal.  The Honduran people are amazingly kind and welcoming.  My experience with GB has encouraged me to pursue and MD/PhD in Public Health and to continue combating global health disparities.