Au Revoir America!

The students from MSU with a few of our new French friends at the top of Cordes sur Ciel castle

This being my first "college summer," I am blown away by the increase in both scope and opportunity which has been set before me. I'm currently getting ready to head outside of the US and across the Atlantic for the first time in my life. Beginning with a 3 week stay at the Albi school of Mines and followed by destinations of London, Paris, Rome, Toulouse, and Barcelona set before me, I can hardly wait to see the effects this broadening of my horizons will surely have on me. Not to mention that I'll be advancing in my engineering course work in Europe with inspiring new locations and methods is truly hard to believe. In my studies of aerospace engineering, visits to international businesses such as Airbus and touring the Aeroscopia Museum will be invaluable. It's exciting to be seeing hands-on industry of my chosen major so early. It's even more exciting to be in touch with many of the new friends I made this first year and hear of their travels, research, and internships as well. This is shaping up to be the most exciting summer I've ever had. Now, I just need to learn to speak French... au revoir! 

The river Tarn in Albi, France

Rocamadour "the city on the cliffside"

Rocamadour's magnificent structures built into the cliffs

Gouffre de Padirac caves with a subterranean river

 Bruniquel a town with a 13th century castle at the top of a VERY steep hill

Another view from the Bruniquel castle