Honors Thesis Defense Weeks

Friday, April 3, 2020 - 2:30pm to Monday, April 20, 2020 - 5:00pm

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2020 Honors Defense Schedule

Friday, April 3
8:30am  Kierstynn Hunter The Effect of Family Structure on Mental Health and Childhood

2:30pm  Samuel Lucas  A New Look at Northern Influence on Tolkien’s Elves

Monday, April 6
10:30am Wellesley Dittmar Novel Automated Drill Apparatus for Accessing Equine Hoof

WebEx Meeting number (access code): 282 731 787
Meeting password: ieJtpVC8A43

Tuesday, April 7
10:30am Amye McDonald Effects of TCDD on Antibody Production in Various Anatomic
Locations in EAE

WebEx Meeting number (access code): 808 233 762
Meeting password: wiqEQwJJ

12:30pm Sarah Claxton  Quantification of AuNP-Protein Interactions Using NMR
WebEx. Meeting number (access code): 803 720 535
Meeting password: 3Km6WJF8GDA

2:30pm  Alicia Brown  Effects of Messenger Theme and Messenger Characteristics on
Climate Change Acceptance

WebEx Meeting number (access code): 281 741 449
Meeting password: Xy6kAdavc34

Wednesday, April 8

8:30am  Avery Ferguson  Romance, War, and Narrative Ethics in Ian McEwan’s
Atonement and Graham Green’s The End of the Affair

     WebEx Meeting number (access code): 281 341 598
Meeting password: UsEdUg7F

12:30pm Emma Denson  Motion Elicits Emotion

Zoom meeting:

12:30pm Emily Tingle  Grass Roots Organizing and Colorblind Ideology in Association
with the Maintenance of White Womanhood

WebEx Meeting number (access code): 282 663 384
Meeting password: JsspA6cXj96

Thursday, April 9

10:30am Hannah Phillips  The New Kunstlerroman by Women Writers
     WebEx Meeting number (access code): 284 675 992
Meeting password: wwPinfbM328

12:30pm Seth Lenoir  Bioethics of Team Doctors
Meeting number (access code): 286 584 690
Meeting password: tBJs2ywhq26

2:30pm  William Acuff  Analysis of the Inhibitory Potency, Oxime-mediated
Reactivation Profile, and Binding Characteristics of Phorate

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Wednesday, April 15

10:30am Blaklie Mitchell A Genetic Analysis of the Invasive Green Iguana (Iguana iguana) on Grand Cayman

Meeting number (access code): 281 434 455
Meeting password: MnJsjH2Ft7

12:30pm David Sides  Language Endangerment in an Urbanizing Tanzania

Meeting number (access code): 281 659 548
Meeting password: 2mPMUmJMn34

Thursday, April 16

8:30am  Olivia Fahrmann Global Sovereignty and How Technological Innovations have
greatly reduced
WebEx Meeting number (access code): 280 461 259
Meeting password: TNnP862tB4T

10:30am Sarah Frey  Effects of Drought Stress on Brassica Carinata Germination

2:30pm  James Stevens Identification of Plant Gene Families Using Machine Learning of Sequence Similarity, Motif Conservation and Evolutionary Distances

Join WebEx meeting at https://msstate.webex.com/msstate/j.php?MTID=m33b4f0cc9f4ac701497f6cc1cc...


2:30pm Joy Carino Language Maintenance and Cultural Identity: Case Studies of Filipino Families in Mississippi.

WebEx Meeting number (access code): 800 908 965
Meeting password: qMrTMfJm424

Friday, April 17 

8:30am  Jennifer Sublett  Modeling Population Responses in a Changing World

10:30am Ryan Cobb  A Novel Analysis of the Angles-only Initial Orbit Determination

Meeting Name and Link: Ryan Cobb's Thesis Defense
Password: jP4TJc36UEX

12:30pm Marisa Laudadio Examining the use of pathos, ethos, and logos in legal rhetoric
to advocate for system-wide foster care reform

WebEx Meeting number (access code): 808 261 736
Meeting password: mPDryd8JQ27

2:30pm  Ben Mackin  A Content Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Mississippi ICE

WebEx Meeting number (access code): 285 666 325
Meeting password: vvpwZCxd

2:30pm  Deonante Frazier Process Simulation of Styrene Production from Toluene and


Monday, April 20

10:00 am Jacob Easley  The Rise of Small Satellites and the Implications of
Incorporation of Advanced Manufacturing Methods

WebEx Meeting number (access code): 281 979 539
Meeting password: enAgM3k3S5M