Isabella Durham




Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture (with a concentration in Wildlife Veterinary Medicine)



I am from

Prattville, AL

My hobbies are

I enjoy reading, adventuring, and acting (mainly adventuring!)

My most memorable experience as a Scholar

My study abroad trip to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa is my most memorable experience as a Scholar. I chased lions around for a month!

I would like to

I would like to be a wildlife veterinarian in a conservation park, such as Serengeti or Ngorongoro National Parks

Current research

1) I am currently working on a project through the College of Forest Resources. My focus is to see how the alteration of diets and the addition of attractants or repellents affects fruit flies' behavior and/or fitness. The results of this research will then be expanded to other species to compare and contrast the actual and perceived habitat quality in nature. 2) I will be starting another project in the Fall (2017) through the Entomology department. I will be studying the fly genome to see if and how Parkinson's Disease can be cured in humans.

Isabella Durham