Elijah Riser




Computer Engineering

I am from

Brandon, Mississippi

My hobbies are

Playing in the band, working on various side projects, playing piano, reading.

My most memorable experience as a Scholar

My most memorable Honors college experience so far has to be the Presidental retreat from last semester. It was truly a joy to get to know the other scholars more personally and to really understand just how great they are. They inspired me to really make a difference in the world just by speaking about what they had already done, much less about what they planned to do in the future. It was also a joy meeting some of the Honors college faculty just because I could tell that they really cared about my success, not just at MSU, but for life in general.

I would like to

I want to use my passions (music and computers) to directly better people's lives however I can. I am not sure how I am m going to do that right now, but I hope to find the answer here at Mississippi State University.

Elijah Riser - Presidential Scholar