Ben Mackin






African American Studies

I am from

Starkville, MS (I was born in Scotland and moved here when I was 1)

My hobbies are

I enjoy watching and playing soccer, reading, and caring for my dogs and cats.

My most memorable experience as a Scholar

Being at Mississippi State University as a member of the Shackouls Honors College has been very inspirational.

I would like to

I would like to be a doctor or a lawyer. I am interested in public health, human rights law, and international law.

Current research

I am currently engaged in two areas of research: 1) Under the guidance of Dr. Dunne in the Department of Physics, I am helping to build a Jeopardy console that will be used as a classroom review tool; and 2) Under the guidance of Dr. Southward and her PhD student, Ben Walker, I am helping to conduct a survey of various attributes of health in Mississippi and perceptions of health insurance.

Ben Mackin