Provost Scholars

The overwhelming characteristics of a Provost Scholar are curiosity and creativity. A Provost Scholar is, of course, an excellent student. But he or she is more than that. A Provost Scholar is driven to explore and understand, synthesize and communicate, discover and express. Whether it is seeking evidence of a hypothesized particle or the complex of reasons people sometimes act against their own self-interest, designing a better way to deliver lifesaving drugs using new classes of nanoparticles or uplifting a soul with new poetry, or finding ways to feed the multitude of the world’s hungry with new agricultural techniques or nourishing the hearts of people with new music, Provost Scholars follow the passion of their curiosity with hard work, diligence, and creativity.

The community of Provost Scholars shares a delight in exploration and understanding, and communicating and teaching each other across disciplinary lines. Mutually supportive, Provost Scholars uplift each other during the difficult times when results do not seem to be coming and share in the delight of the success of their peers when breakthroughs do occur. A Provost Scholar is a research leader at Mississippi State University, mentoring younger Provost Scholars and other students on campus; inspiring with his or her passion for understanding, exploration, and truth. 

  1. Seth F. Oppenheimer, Ph.D.
  2. Mentor, Provost Scholars
  3. Director of Undergraduate Research
  4. Shackouls Honors College