Internship Support for Honors Students in the Liberal Arts and Sciences

Unlike students in more applied areas, students in the liberal arts and sciences often have difficulty finding internships that allow them to support themselves while gaining real world experience. Through the generosity of a grant from The National Strategic Planning & Analysis Research Center (nSPARC), we are now able to offer internship support for honors students in the liberal arts and sciences. This should allow students to confidently compete for prestigious, but unpaid or low paying, internships in large cities with high cost of livings. Of course, the internship support is limited and will require a formal application and review, but we will do our best to support as many worthy students as we are able.

Our expectation is that these internships will broaden our students’ world view and experience beyond the educational, exposing them to different types of locations than those in Mississippi and giving them invaluable life experiences and a more cosmopolitan perspective.

The internships we have been pursuing will give our students in the liberal arts and sciences a broad range of venues in which to use the full panoply of their academic skills and education in a highly applied area. Furthermore, they will be expected to be able to work under pressure to produce high quality work quickly in high stakes situations. A binder with information about these internship opportunities can be found in the Honors Office in Griffis Hall. Furthermore, we urge our students to also explore the opportunities developed by the Mississippi State Career Center,

After these internships, our students would have real world experience bringing their academic skills and education to bear on a variety of real world problems. The internship itself along with an expected letter of recommendation from their supervisors would stand as an informal credential testifying to their abilities and experience.

Each student would be expected to write a summative report upon their return to MSU. Furthermore, these reports will be linked to this web page so that future students can benefit from the experiences of their predecessors.

A student can discuss what is necessary to obtain academic credit as part of their internship experience with the Dean of the Shackouls Honors College or the Director of Undergraduate Research. The ability to do extra work to obtain credit should allow students to engage in internships during a semester of the academic year.

It is expected that the student will provide a detailed budget as part of the application. Included in the application should be what monies have been requested from the student’s home department and college as well as other institutional funding sources as well as what monies have been granted from these other sources. It is our expectation that students will be entrepreneurial in seeking funding and will help the Shackouls Honors College leverage our limited funding so that we may help as many students as possible. Furthermore, support from the Shackouls Honors College will be primarily limited to travel and housing support.

Rough limits on MAXIMUM grant amounts are $3500 for domestic internships and $5500 for international internships. Internships that have some salary or other support attached cannot expect to be funded at the same level. Please note that these are maximums and designed for standard situations. Many grants will be less and, in a very few extraordinary situations may be slightly higher.