About Us

The Shackouls Honors College has a rich history spanning more than forty years. In 1968, the Stephen D. Lee Honors Program was established in the College of Arts and Sciences with Dr. John L. Tilley as Director. Departmental courses were gradually added and later expanded to include courses meeting core curriculum requirements for all degrees. While Dr. Carmen Tesser was Director, the Honors Program was given a university-wide emphasis and renamed the "University Honors Program." Under the twenty-year direction of Dr. Jack H. White, the program was moved to report directly to the Provost, and course offerings continued to increase as Honors enrollment climbed. In 2006, the generous endowment to the Honors Program by Judy and Bobby Shackouls was announced by then President J. Charles Lee while Dr. Nancy G. McCarley was Director. The endowment enabled the program's transformation into the Shackouls Honors College, and increased student participation in study abroad and research opportunities. Dr. Christopher A. Snyder was named the first Dean of the College in 2011. Under his leadership, the Shackouls Honors College offers a distinctive curriculum and significant senior capstone experience while maintaining the strong foundation that was laid so many years ago.